Claudio ARNELL was born on the island of Saint-Martin in june of 1989. Today, he lives and works on the island.


After acquiring his DMA diploma at one of Paris renowned school of ARTS, ‘Olivier de Serres’ (ENSAAMA), he pursued his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Art at the prestigious school of La Sorbonne – Paris 1 before integrating les Beaux Arts of Nice, ‘La Villa ARSON’.

In 2016, he decided to come back to his native home.

Where today everything is to rebuild!

In 2010, Claudio did the official emblem of the collectivity of Saint-Martin.


« One’s journey, one’s escape, one’s exile are according to me a stream of accidents where Man drifts away in search of evidence.

My work reflects the dance between reality and abstraction, that of excess and absence, that of the infinite and the microscopic and last but not lease, the contrast between clarity and blurred lines.

I aim to savour, visually speaking, the essence of the term ‘Melting-Pot’.

The main focus is centered around pictorialism: where matter, texture, color and shade are brought to life through mix media concepts.

I explore works in series as if they were sketches, where I question endlessly the notion of lines within compositions. How each line can be referred as a frontier, a limit or a boundary and what does it take to break free or over step it?

My work is directed by a certain spontaneity and a dash of synchronicity throughout the entire creative process.

Putting in play a technique of unorthodox layering, creates saturated pieces which seem to reveal a certain fragility characterized by a flux of circumstances that never ceases to flee its imprint.”